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  • Form Filling Assistance

    Unsure of filling in the application form online? Why not let VFS GLOBAL specialists fill in your entire application for you? You can either come to our office or choose to receive remote assistance from our staff.

  • Assistance with the Picture

    Make sure your photograph satisfies visa specifications. Our specialists will guide you to submit the perfect picture!

  • Assistance to Upload Documents

    Having trouble to upload your documents? We can assist you to upload your documents online and make sure they have all necessary file specifications

Know About Our Services

  • Form Filling Assistance - This service provides customers with assistance in filling out the visa application form on the VFS Global Brazil e-visa website. Staff will read out the questions on the form, and will record the answers verbatim on behalf of the customer. Customers will need to provide an email id in order to receive their application status and will need to answer all the questions on the form in order to apply. Staff will not be able to answer questions on an applicant’s behalf or fill in questions based on assumptions. VFS Global will also give assistance uploading necessary documents and with photograph specifications.

How to Apply?

You can contact us by telephone on +1 786 2757086 from (07:00 – 17:00) Monday to Friday (except for holidays)

Service Charges

Information Required

VFS will need you to provide some information to provide you the best services.

For Form Filling:

  • Passport
  • Address of stay in Brazil (optional)
  • Kids / Spouse details
  • Parents details - Nationality, Date of Birth, Place of Birth
  • Financial Details
  • Employment Details

Disclaimer and Privacy policy

VFS Global "B2C Assistance" represents a bundle of service offerings by a network of Partners that are interested in providing relevant offers and services to the B2C individuals/party, who are interested in receiving these offers and services. To ensure that the offers and services are relevant we may solicit information from these interested parties from time to time. This is solely for the purpose of making the program more meaningful. We are committed to protecting the privacy of our interested parties and their transactions. The service recipient hereby agrees and understands that VFS Global shall not be liable to the service recipient. It shall be the responsibility of the recipient to confirm each and every item before the same is finally submitted by the service recipient for visa processing. In the event of any error in the application, the service recipient hereby agrees that they will not be making any claim on VFS Global and VFS Global shall not be liable for the same.

This section explains how we protect and use your information in safe, secure and responsible manner because we value your privacy.

This section includes information about:

  • Protection and Security of information a priority
  • Collecting information
  • Managing information
  • Ensuring information accuracy
  • Honouring your preferences

Protection of customer data is our priority and VFS Global safeguards your data by:

  • Setting policies and procedures for carefully handling your information
  • Limiting access to sensitive information
  • Protecting against unauthorized access to customer data
  • Authentication and virus detection technology
  • Requiring service providers to comply with privacy laws
  • Information collected

We collect and use various types of information to service your accounts, save your time and money, better respond to your needs, and manage risk. Customer information shall be collected under the following categories:-

Personally Identifiable Information Or (PII)

PII refers to any information that can be used to identify you as an individual in any way. Enrolment in the Privilege Program is contingent upon your agreeing to the terms of service and providing basic registration information, including: first and last name, email address, date of birth, gender, zip code, contact number, lifestyle information and country. Members will need to provide VFS Global with the basic personal identification information, wherever required, to avail of all the benefits associated with the program. This may include demographic and country of visit details. Among other things this will include details on first, middle and last name, date of birth, gender, marital status, and number of dependents, residence address, office address, mailing address and email id.

Profiling Information

Apart from the above we shall also solicit and collect from the members, time to time details on their preferences, subscription to particular news segments or offers and other promotional activities we do. The decision to participate in such activities is at the sole discretion of the member.

Transaction History Within B2C offering

VFS Global is capable of and will collect information on transactions linked to the B2C offering and required for processing of services required by the individuals/parties. By definition this shall include all transactions on the Website, Call Centre or at B2C Application Centre.

All the above information is collected for:

Better servicing of the members and preparing quarterly statements for account maintenance.

Making the offerings more relevant to the members and as desired by them ensuring no spam mails go through.

Keeping track of Service transactions, for help in case of any disputes; processing your service orders; dealing with requests, enquiries or complaints and other customer care related activities; and all other general administrative and business purposes; marketing our and our partners products and services; carrying out any activity in connection with a legal, governmental or regulatory requirement or in connection with legal proceedings, crime or fraud prevention, detection or prosecution;

To effectively administer and fulfil our obligations under any agreement we may have with you;

To seek your feedback or to contact you in relation to the services offered on the our website; registering your details and allocating or offering you rewards, discounts or other benefits as part of the program

You hereby expressly agree to share personally identifiable information for the above purposes. In the event, you do not wish that your personally identifiable information be used for the above mentioned purposes; we will not be in a position to provide you any products or services. In the event you wish to withdraw consent for use of your personally identifiable information please contact us at and in such event, we will not be in a position to provide you any products or services from the date you withdraw your consent.

To collect the above information we shall use channels such as physical forms, contact centre, website cookies etc. emails, promotional offers, surveys and mailers. Participation in some of these channels is optional but you may be required to provide your personal identification information in order to participate. We are not liable to verify the authenticity or accuracy of any information we collect from you.

From time to time we shall ask the members to update their contact and personal information with the program on our authorized website, contact centre or any other approved channels. This is to help keep you updated on any program changes and enhancements. We shall not be liable for any failure to notify you of program changes if you fail to update such information in a timely manner.

VFS Global does not solicit or ask for any confidential information like website passwords and any such communication appearing to come from VFS Global should not be replied back with any confidential information.

We do not provide or share information collected, with any companies other than our group companies or privilege partners, to market their products. Your data is bound by confidentiality obligations to strictly maintain the confidentiality of the information you have shared and will not be shared.

The entity that will collect, store and maintain information provided by you is VFS Global, located at São Paulo

In some situations, however, we are required to or we may provide all information we collect about you to third parties outside our group companies, as permitted by law, such as:

To respond to judicial process, or

To consumer reporting agencies; or

In connection with a proposed or actual sale, merger, or transfer of all or portion of business; or

To protect against fraud, money laundering or other risks

Some of the data may have to be provided to third party services for the sole purpose of implementing marketing services on behalf of VFS Global and/or group companies and for providing customer support services like sending statements.

Information Storage

All information shall be stored in a separate server placed in our approved premises. VFS Global reserves the rights to hold its members data indefinitely

We may occasionally share our information with trusted third party data processors to organise, process, clean and analyse our data to help us better understand the trends and segments within our member base. We shall use this information solely with the purpose of enhancing the value of the program for the member base and to better tailor our offers to suit your specific interests. All such third parties shall be bound by strict confidentiality obligations to maintain the confidentiality of the information shared and will not share the personal information any further or for purposes beyond our specific authorization.

We offer you the choice to participate in offers which will be rolled out periodically. It is your decision whether or not to share your personally identifiable information for the offers and promotions. We recommend you to carefully read privacy policy of our partners before divulging your personally identifiable information. Members may receive promotional offers and campaign details by email among other means. If you have opted to receive promotional offers there will be unsubscribe options with all such category of offers and members can choose to unsubscribe from such offers at any time by following the mentioned procedures.

Selectively, members may also receive program offers via your landline or postal mail. Such contacts may result in service(s) package being issued to the member. We also contact you via email for administrative purposes, such as program change notifications or if we update our privacy policy. While you can elect to stop receiving email for promotional offers (as described above), you cannot unsubscribe from these administrative messages while enrolled in the program. Our member care department may contact you in response to an enquiry you submit. Member care may also contact you in regard to a particular problem that may have occurred with your account or with an offer in which you might have participated. We might use this information to learn further about your participation in the program and make it more relevant to your interests.

Information Access By Member

At VFS Global we respect your privacy and are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your information with us. We may contact you with useful information on products and services through our telemarketing / tele calling activities, which may be beneficial for you. However, if you do not wish to be contacted through our telemarketing calls or messages, we request you to kindly register at our contact centre and give details of the telephone on which you do not wish to be contacted. However, VFS Global reserves the right to contact you through tele calling for additional services. Further, VFS Global is committed to follow the laws laid out with regards to tele-calling and telemarketing and, does follow the guidelines set by any regulatory authority like Telecom.

Once you have registered for any such DND policy:

Your telephone number(s) will be removed from all our telemarketing calling lists within 30 working days.

We will ensure that you do not get any further telemarketing calls on the telephone number(s) that you have registered

Voice Call Recordings At Contact Centre

With a view to providing the best possible service to its customers, VFS Global (“VFS”) will be (i) monitoring the voice ¬calls recorded; and (ii) overseeing the services furnished by the customer call centres appointed by VFS Global. While doing so, VFS Global inter alia seeks to (a) improve customer satisfaction; (b) assure quality management and customer experience; (c) identify and analyse the patterns and the types of requests/complaints raised by customers frequently on a real time basis; (d) initiate remedial measures to prevent the reoccurrence of such complaints/issues; (e) retain a recording of the voice calls; and (f) support any transactions that take place over the phone and/or if there is a dispute. Further VFS Global as a part of its continuing arrangement with its network partners may share (i) all or any particular call recordings received exclusively from those customers who have been enrolled with the Program through the concerned network partner; and/or (ii) a report with details of the complaints, if any, received by the customer, in each case pursuant to a specific request received from the relevant network partner. Please note that the sharing of voice recordings received from the call centres with the applicable network partners by VFS Global shall be done in due compliance of applicable privacy laws and having regard to strict maintenance of confidentiality obligations owed to its customers.

Aggregate Data: We Do Not Provide Any Of Your Personally Identifiable Information To Our Advertisers

Because we contact you on their behalf, they do not have access to your personally identifiable information unless you make the choice to share it with them. We may share non-personally identifiable information collected via the program in aggregate (or grouped), anonymous form with advertisers or other third parties so that they may better evaluate what products and services are most appealing to different segments of our member base, but we do not disclose your personally identifiable information to these third parties without your consent.

  • Anti-Spam Policy:

    Because email is an integral part of the program, your sharing of email contact with us allows us to share the program information, offers and promotions via email with you. If you later decide you wish to cease participation in this portion of the program, you may do so at any time by unsubscribing to our communication. Please note that opting not to receive email does not exempt you from receiving administrative emails that include but are not limited to, notices about vital program and membership status changes or alterations to our terms of service or any other service requests, redemption orders placed with us.

  • Automatically Collected Information:

    When you log on to the VFS Global B2C Website or use the service at a B2C Application Centre (AC), the server automatically recognizes you. This id acts as a unique identifier, which allows us to recognize you and authorize your transactions. It also allows us to keep track of your activity on our site for crediting services to your account. If you choose, this information may be added to your personal profile.

  • Security of the information:

    We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect customer information. Specific employees are authorized to access customer information on a need to know basis for business purposes only. Our employees are bound by code of ethics that requires confidential treatment of customer information and are subject to disciplinary action if they fail to follow this code.

  • Making sure the information is accurate:

    It is in your interest and it is our objective, to have accurate, current and complete information concerning you and your account. We have strict procedures that our employees abide by to meet this objective. While some procedures are required by Central, State or National Bank regulations, we have implemented additional procedures to maintain accurate, correct and complete financial information, including processes to update information and remove outdated information. If you believe that we have incorrect information about you or your accounts, please intimate us. We will correct any erroneous information as soon as possible.

  • Grievance officer:

    In the event you have any queries or issues in relation to collection or usage of your personal information, please contact America) and (US and Canada)

Beware of fraudulent job offers

We know that criminals have posed as VFS Global representatives in order to steal personal information or money from people. If you receive a job offer by email or phone which requires payment, or promises a work visa in exchange for money, this is a scam. VFS Global is not a recruitment agency and does not offer recruitment services.

VFS Global is a visa processing company and we work only with government and diplomatic missions.

If you receive an offer asking for money that claims to be from VFS Global, do not respond or send money.

How criminals may contact you

You should be suspicious if:

  • the email you receive is from a free email service such as Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, or from a fake email address. We will only contact you using an official VFS Global email address
  • you are asked to disclose private or confidential information
  • you are asked to be interviewed over the phone or via an instant messenger
  • you are asked to pay fees or money as soon as possible
  • you are requested to complete fake recruitment documents, such as an application or employment visa forms (the VFS Global name and logo could be forged or fabricated and featured on the documentation without authority)

These actions are intended to defraud or obtain personal information from their victims.

What to do if you suspect you have been targeted

If you receive a request, either in writing or verbally, for an interview or a job offer that you believe could be fraudulent or suspicious, do not respond. You can also check the request with us by emailing

Victim of fraud

If you believe you are a victim of fraud you can report the incident to your local police office or email

VFS Global takes such matters seriously and reserves its right to contact law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute illegal or criminal activities.

Under no circumstances will VFS Global be liable or responsible for any loss, damages, expenses or inconvenience resulting from unauthorised activities.